What is Y2C?

Y2C is a financial self-improvement community. Our goal is to help our readers make better financial decisions, both on big ticket purchases and in everyday life. We have our own ideas about topics of interest, but we always welcome feedback and suggestions from our readers!


Why Y2C?

“Your Two Cents” is a play on the phrase “my two cents,” reflecting our commitment to giving our readers good financial advice. But at the end of the day, this blog is about is your money, your two cents, and how to get the most value out of it. Our name also embodies the belief that saving a little bit (e.g., two cents) of money here and there can add up to significant savings over the long-run.


Who is Y2C?

berchtesgaden-2Dillon: An inveterate financial maximizer, Dillon’s frugal ways can be traced to a rural Midwestern upbringing, a large family, and an even larger student debt load. A Boston transplant for 5 (!!) years now, Dillon found himself answering questions about credit cards, airlines, and student loan refinancing so often that he decided to start Your Two Cents in 2016. Feel free to contact him at dillon [at] yourtwocentsblog.com.

Interests: credit cards, student loans, shoestring travel.