Delta Offering 3 SkyMiles/$1 on Airbnb Bookings

Back in November, Delta launched a partnership with Airbnb that offered 1 Delta SkyMile per $1 spent on Airbnb (excluding taxes and fees). Now Delta and Airbnb are upping the ante, offering 3 miles per $1 spent for bookings made before April 30, 2017. 

If your travel plans call for an Airbnb stay, this is a great opportunity to double dip and earn some free Delta miles.

Terms & Conditions

Here are the main restrictions to bear in mind for this promotional offer:

  • Travel must be booked by April 30, 2017, and completed by April 30, 2018.
  • You must book through the Delta-Airbnb website,, and enter your Delta SkyMiles account number.
  • The Delta-Airbnb partnership only applies to actual stays; gift card purchases don’t count.
  • Government-imposed taxes and fees don’t count, but Airbnb service fees or cleaning fees do count.

And that’s really it! Aside from the 3 miles/$1 for current customers, there are some additional promotions for new Airbnb customers or hosts:

  • New Airbnb Users: get a $25 Airbnb coupon code after your first Airbnb stay of $75 or more (note- your first stay must be booked within 60 days of registering at
  • New Airbnb Users: get 2,000 Delta miles for your first Airbnb booking of $150 or more made before April 30, 2017, and completed before April 30, 2018 (normal offer is 1,000 Delta miles, or 500 miles for a stay worth $75-$149.99. Again, your first first stay must be booked within 60 days of registering.).
  • Airbnb Host: until October 31, 2017, get 2,500 miles for your first $250 in “qualifying Host Earnings,” an additional 7,5000 miles when you reach $1,000 in cumulative “qualifying Host Earnings,” and an extra 15,000 miles (for 25,000 total) when you hit $2,000 in cumulative “qualifying Host Earnings.”


I have mixed feelings on Airbnb. They can be a more affordable alternative to hotels and can potentially offer more local flavour when you’re traveling. But I also have issues with their transparency, namely not pricing their add-on fees into the nightly rate on the search page and their sneaky, possibly illegal, definitely card rules-violative 3% foreign currency charge. That said, if you were already planning on booking an Airbnb in the next couple months for travel anytime before April 30, 2018, then this opportunity to double dip and earn miles on money you were going to spend anyway is a no-brainer.

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