Earn JetBlue Points with Amazon

JetBlue recently announced a promotion where you can earn 3 JetBlue TrueBlue points per $1 spent shopping on Amazon. No special credit card or spending minimums required. Just surf on over to the promotional page on JetBlue’s website and click “SHOP AND EARN” (or if you don’t have/want your own TrueBlue account but want to support Y2C, feel free to use ours!). Here are a few rules and restrictions to bear in mind:

  • You must shop on Amazon through your JetBlue-Amazon link to earn the points, making it slightly more work than a one-time activation.
  • Some items aren’t eligible for the promotion: certain wireless service plans, anything sold through the Amazon Appstore for Android, anything sold on fresh.amazon.com, restaurant takeout or alcoholic beverages (neither of which I knew you could purchase on Amazon), or digital Kindle subscriptions.
  • You don’t earn any points on shipping, handling, postage, and tax.

As someone who frequently uses Amazon to buy everything from cat food to gifts for family across the country and also flies JetBlue regularly, this is a great opportunity to double dip, i.e., get rewarded for spending I was already planning on making. No expiration date was announced for the promotion, but I would expect it to last through most of December.

Every $1 spent (subject to some restrictions) at Amazon earns you 3 JetBlue points when you shop through your own personalized JetBlue-Amazon link.

JetBlue’s 12 Days of Deals

While we’re on the topic, JetBlue yesterday kicked off its 12 days of deals: a different deal every day through 12/16. Monday’s deal featured $20 one-way fares, though unsurprisingly on very limited flights. Still, if your future plans call for travel on a route JetBlue serves, it may be worth stopping by at 1pm Eastern (or adding our daily reminders to your calendar) to see if any of the deals are relevant to you.

Closing Thoughts on Both JetBlue Promotions

I would be remiss if I didn’t close with a few thoughts on responsible spending. Double dipping is a great opportunity to get even more value out of your normal spending. If you already knew you were going to buy a $20 teddy bear on Amazon for your nephew this Christmas, then go ahead and buy that same $20 teddy bear and pocket the 60 TrueBlue points. Where people get into trouble with deals is two places: they either buy something they don’t need or they buy more than they need. That’s why one of the guiding principles here at Y2C is to plan ahead. I like to map out my travel and holdiay/birthday gift purchases ahead of time so I know when I see a good deal vs. when I see something I don’t need masquerading as a good deal.

Likewise, another core Y2C principle is being thoughtful, assessing the value of a particular proposition. With any sort of promotion or deal, you don’t want to let the tail wag the dog. JetBlue points are worth roughly 1.4 cents (or nothing if you don’t ever fly JetBlue), so that amounts to about a 4.2% discount on Amazon purchases. But remember, you’re still paying that 95.8%, so don’t let this or any other deal trick you into buying something you don’t need! That said, if you’re like me– a frequent Amazon and JetBlue user with a strong sense of what purchases you were already planning to make– then this is an excellent opportunity to double dip and get rewarded for your normal spending.

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