UPDATE: JetBlue Points from Amazon Partnership Showed Up in my Account

Back in December, I reported on a new promotion offering 3 JetBlue TrueBlue points per $1 spent on Amazon. I’m happy to report that approximately two months later, those points have hit my JetBlue account.

I love the smell of double dipping in the morning.

Unfortunately, the way that these points show up in my JetBlue account makes it difficult to audit whether I’m receiving exactly the points I should be, but I suppose I’m comforted that the points showed up at all, and roughly 60 days later, just like JetBlue said they might.

Don’t forget that much like the Delta-Airbnb partnership, to earn JetBlue points, allAmazon purchases must be made through JetBlue’s website (and if you don’t fly JetBlue but think we’re really swell, feel free to use our Amazon link so those potential points don’t go to waste!).

There’s no mention of whether this is a limited time or permanent partnership, but either way, it’s great news for those of who shop Amazon, fly JetBlue, and can remember to navigate through the partnership link.

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