Getting Back to Our Roots

We’ve written about some interesting and timely things– expiring credit card promotions and double dipping opportunities. These  opportunities to save money are all well and good, but if saving money is a tree, these are more branches than roots. We want to get back to our roots: the key strategies and practices that are fundamental to financial well-being.With that goal in mind, here are the topics we’re going to be writing about over the coming weeks:

  • Student Loan Refinancing– a perennially relevant topic, especially with interest rates poised to rise yet again this month.
  • Paying Off Debt Efficiently– a math-driven analysis of the best way to repay your debt at the lowest cost possible (hint: it’s not the heretical ‘snowball method’)
  • Y2C Waterfall– an overview of how you should prioritize the flow of your money from paycheck to various accounts and expenses.
  • Advice to a Student Studying Abroad– what can a cash-strapped student in Europe do to stretch his/her dollars?
  • Which Credit Card Should I Get?– credit card recommendations based on your general goals and preferences.
  • Anything Else? We’re happy to cover any financial topic you think may be relevant, so if you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments!


Additionally, we’re going to be working on some more technical changes that will make it easier to access and get value out of this blog:

  • Automating our newsletter plugin to inform subscribers when a new post goes up (sorry, I’m a WP n00b).
  • Bringing on more bloggers to increase the frequency of quality content (lots of people contribute to Y2C in different ways, but as far as writing goes, right now it’s just yours truly).
  • Increasing our presence on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other related blogs (P.S.- if you’re not following us yet, please do!)

So that’s what we have to look forward to here at Y2C. We’re excited to get back to our roots, and we think you’ll enjoy the key fundamentals that we’ll be discussing with you soon!

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